image description U.S. CONGRESSMAN JOE WILSON | Serving South Carolina’s Second District

Americans Abroad Caucus

In 2007, I joined with Rep. Carolyn Maloney in establishing the Americans Abroad Caucus. As co-chairs, we hope to raise awareness of the estimated four to six million Americans who are living and working abroad.

 Many Americans who live in countries around the world maintain close ties to the United States. They participate in elections, pay taxes, and contribute to our growing economy. Unfortunately, too often their concerns and the issues that matter most to them are not given much support or attention here in Washington. With the establishment of the Americans Abroad Caucus, we hope to provide a forum for Americans living overseas so that their interests and their needs are well-served.

 American expatriates are ambassadors to the world and remain loyal citizens. I look forward to working with my colleagues in Congress to ensure that Americans living abroad are still duly represented here at home.