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National Defense

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The United States of America boasts the strongest military in the world. Members of our armed forces continue to prove their bravery and honor in the War on Terrorism. As a Member of the House Armed Services Committee and the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel, I am committed to ensuring that our men and women in uniform have the training, equipment and support they need to successfully complete their missions and provide for their families.

The Second District of South Carolina has a rich military tradition with bases in and around the Midlands and Aiken-Barnwell communities. These include Fort Jackson in Columbia which is directly located inside the District; and Shaw Air Force base in Sumter and Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA, both of which lie just outside the District with many of its personnel living in the Second District. We are proud of our troops and the support they enjoy within South Carolina, and are eternally thankful for their selfless devotion to protecting the American people.

All members of our Armed Forces have made tremendous sacrifices protecting our freedoms and ensuring our safety. As a retired Colonel with thirty years of experience in the S.C. Army National Guard, I am especially sensitive to the needs of our reservists and guardsmen who balance the needs of their civilian work with their military commitments.

I am also working hard to ensure that the Federal Government fulfills its commitments to our veterans. We enjoy our freedoms today as a direct result of their noble sacrifices.

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