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Economy and Jobs

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For the past three years, our unemployment rate has averaged above eight percent.  President Obama promised the American people that with the passage of his nearly trillion-dollar Stimulus plan, the nation’s unemployment rate would not exceed eight percent.  It is clear that the President’s failed policies and broken promises are not helping Americans find employment, but simply growing our national debt. In early September, our national debt reached an outrageous $16 trillion. Since the President was sworn into office in January 2009, our debt has grown by over five trillion dollars, more than all previous presidents combined, and over 320,000 hardworking Americans have lost their jobs. Spending our hard-earned taxpayer dollars on unnecessary programs and increasing government involvement in our everyday lives will not lead to economy recovery. Instead of suggesting policies allowing small businesses to expand and create jobs, this Administration proposes more red tape and government restrictions.

It is past the time for lawmakers to provide job creation incentives to get people back to work. Since House Republicans regained control of Congress in January 2011, we have fought tirelessly to pass dozens of job creating bills, most with bipartisan support, which encourage job creation through private sector growth.  Bottom line is that low taxes, worker training, right-to-work protections, and less regulatory red tape will attract business.  I believe we should provide broad, growth-oriented, permanent incentives for economic activity across all sectors and industries, with immediate application and sustained, long-term implications. This will ensure that Washington takes a back seat to Main Street and job creators are empowered to do what they do best—create jobs.  Small businesses, which are America’s job creators, deserve positive encouragement. 

Roughly 23 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a full time job. Yet, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports approximately 3.5 million jobs remain available in our workforce.  Too often, job opportunities go unfilled, as employers are unable to find qualified workers with the combination of skills and training.  House Republicans are committed to improving job training assistance by removing unnecessary government programs and reinforcing the role of employers over workforce development decisions. Reducing government involvement in small businesses will help put Americans back to work. 

In order to increase national employment and put our economy back on the path to prosperity, our nation must maintain a strong right-to-work workforce.  The Obama Administration has played the role of a Big Labor Bully by threatening to destroy jobs when businesses attempt to relocate into South Carolina and other right-to-work states.  Throughout my work on the House Committee on Education and Workforce, Chairman John Kline and I have fought to hold the National Labor Relations Board accountable by cracking down on their attempts to restrict union workers’ access to secret ballot elections.  Without protecting the rights of workers and promoting private business, our economy will not be able to grow which allows job creation. 

Additionally, a major law on our books that is preventing small businesses from hiring is the government healthcare takeover bill. When the President and his liberal allies shoved an extremely unpopular 2,000-page bill through both Chambers of Congress over two years ago, our government began to mandate certain practices on the American people without their consent.  The 13,000 new pages of restrictions that will be imposed upon our nation’s small business owners will destroy the American middle class and prevent our job creators from hiring new workers.  I was disappointed by the Supreme Court decision this summer to uphold Obamacare and I will continue to work with House Republicans and Senate Republicans to assure that this disastrous, government over-reaching law is completely repealed.                                                

Our economy has been hit hard by a number of avoidable and unavoidable factors that have caused job losses, declining home values, shrinking retirements, and damage to our financial structure.  In efforts to strengthen our economy, I remain committed to keeping taxes low while providing the proper level of oversight and tools necessary for the American people to build upon the proven strength of the free market.  American families deserve to keep their hard-earned money, not have it frivolously spent in Washington.

I believe in the power and promise of the American people to do what is necessary to rebuild our economy and to make it stronger.  The government, for its part, needs to be bold but also precise.  Our economy will recover, so we must prepare for that recovery by avoiding actions today that could lead to hyperinflation, high interest rates, and higher taxes in the future.

For a complete list of the House passed job creations bills, please click here.

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