Wilson, Joe

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Wilson Responds to the President’s New Defense Strategy

Washington, DC, Jan 5 -

Congressman Joe Wilson released the following statement in response to release of the President’s new defense strategy:

“The President’s defense strategy is another prime example of how this Administration continues to offer policies which are damaging our country and its defense.  Instead of working with Congress to help prevent these drastic cuts, the President’s new strategy will slash our military personnel by 10-15 percent over the next ten years, which will harm the men and women in our Armed Forces, military families, and veterans. National defense is the primary function of the federal government. Defense spending is at its lowest percentage of the budget in decades at less than 18 percent.  These cuts will decimate the military and leave America vulnerable to enemies who are determined to destroy our families and allies, such as Israel. 

“I believe that we owe our men and women in uniform and their families a debt of gratitude for their service over a decade of war.  We owe them a military that can provide peace through strength instead of risking our national security due to a weakened military capability. I am very concerned about these defense cuts and look forward to working with Chairman Buck McKeon and other members of the House Armed Services Committee to find a solution so that these devastating cuts do not take effect.”