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Wilson Discusses Progress, Resolve in Iraq / Highlights 3 Year Anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Washington, Mar 19, 2006 | Emily Lawrimore (202-225-2454) | comments
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) spoke on “FOX & Friends” on the FOX News Channel about the three year anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Please see the following video clip and transcript:

HOST: since the U.S.-Led invasion of iraq. How far have we come and what challenges lie ahead? Congressman joe wilson is on the house armed services committee. He has been to iraq five times since the war started and joins us live from columbia, south carolina.

REP. JOE WILSON: Alisyn it is an honor to be with you.

HOST: What strikes you most about the three years?

REP. JOE WILSON: Well i see the liberation of a country 25 million people. I have been there. My son served a year in iraq. I have seen the progress. We have been building security forces building a civil society and building a government. There are 240,000 iraqi police and army forces trained. When the terrorists blew up the golden mosque it was iraqi forces that established order. We have an economy being developed in iraq. The schools are open. The hospitals are open. 30,000 New businesses have been established in iraq. Finally the government, it is inspiring to me despite threats of violence they have had three elections developed a constitution. I met with the chairman of the constitutional drafting committee last year in baghdad he told me it could be done it was done. The naysayers said it couldn't be done. This week they swore in a new parliament. More people voted in iraq than percentage wise than vote in the united states. These people are very brave. They want democracy.

HOST: That is in spiral. Yet many unforeseen things happened during the three years as well. Namely right now this sectarian violence that's happening in iraq. Do you think there were things we could never have predicted that have come to pass there?

REP. JOE WILSON: I think -- we knew there extra order devices in that country. They are sad they go back 1400 years. But what's being done is by building a government that reflects the different people who live in the country, the sunnis, the shiites, the kurds, the syrians, the turk man's by having all groups involved instead of fighting with bullets they will fight with words it is in a democracy is took america 13 years to develop a constitution. Iraq has developed one in three years. The purpose of all of this is to protect american families by building a civil society in iraq america is safer.

HOST: What about the violence that we are seeing? Some people suggest that we are on the verge of a civil war there. Do you think that the violence threatens some of that progress thundershower talking about?

REP. JOE WILSON: There is no question. What the al-qaeda is trying to do, abu mussaf al-zarqawi, zawahri they are trying to disrupt efforts to develop a civil society. All the more important the coalition forces continue their efforts of train the iraqi forces to stop the violence and protect the iraqi people so a civil society can be developed to protect the modern world.

HOST: You are a member of the house armed services committee. Whether do you think u.S. Troops can come home?

REP. JOE WILSON: I believe a draw down will occur as we train more security forces as the economy develops as the government develops. But we ved troops in korea for 50 years. We have had troops in germany and japan for 60 years. I see a level of involvement for decades. But that's to protect american families and to protect the development of democracy. The ripple effect, moammar khaddafy withdrew his weapons of mass destruction working with the united states. Syria withdrew from lebanon. We have new democrat since in during stan and ukraine and liberia all inspired by george w. Bush and his vision of building a free democratic world.

HOST: Congressman joe wilson. Thank you for joining us this morning.


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