Representative Joe Wilson

Representing the 2nd District of South Carolina

Economy and Jobs

Economic success stems from limited government and expanded freedom. For years, President Obama’s agenda has destroyed jobs and taken more money out of hard earned paychecks. His Administration continues to portray an outlook that our economy is recovering.  Although our unemployment rate is decreasing, it is clear that the President’s failed policies and broken promises are not helping Americans find employment, but simply growing our national debt.

In order to increase national employment and put our economy back on the path to prosperity, our nation must maintain a strong right-to-work workforce.  South Carolina’s positive pro-business environment proves that these policies will create jobs and bring success. I believe we should provide broad, growth-oriented, permanent incentives for economic activity across all sectors and industries, with immediate application and sustained, long-term implications. This will ensure that Washington takes a back seat to Main Street and job creators are empowered to do what they do best—create jobs.  Small businesses, which are America’s job creators, deserve positive encouragement. 

House Republicans know what it takes to get our economy moving again, which is why we have passed over 40 job-creating bills this Congress. Unfortunately, a majority of these pieces of legislation remain stalled in the Senate graveyard awaiting action.

I believe in the power and promise of the American people to do what is necessary to rebuild our economy and to make it stronger.  The government, for its part, needs to be bold but also precise.  Our economy will recover, so we must prepare for that recovery by avoiding actions today that could lead to hyperinflation, high interest rates, and higher taxes in the future.

American Health Care Act

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More on Economy and Jobs

Nov 5, 2011 Article

As I watched the Republican presidential candidate debate Oct. 18, I was startled to hear candidates jump at the opportunity to agree with President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on shutting down the nuclear waste
repository at Yucca Mountain.

While many of these candidates are running on platforms aimed to reduce the deficit and increase jobs, the termination of Yucca Mountain will do just the opposite.

Nov 4, 2011 Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) released the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its October jobs report.  The unemployment rate remains at an unacceptable 9.0% as the economy created 80,000 jobs:


“Yet again, this Administration has shown it remains out of touch with American families.  More than 14 million Americans are unemployed.  Last month, the President embarked on a national campaign to promote his so-called jobs plan, a plan that even liberals in the Senate have rejected three times.

Nov 2, 2011 Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) released the following statement after Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) announced plans to retrofit its existing facility while expanding operations and creating new jobs in the Midlands;

Oct 27, 2011 Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement after the House of Representative voted to repeal H.R. 674, the 3 percent withholding tax aimed to be implemented in January of 2013:


Oct 27, 2011 Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) released the following statement after the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) approved the use of the H-Canyon Complex to provide approximately 3.7 metric tons of plutonium oxide feed for the MOX Fuel Fabrication Facility from the non-pit plutonium currently stored at the Savannah River Site (SRS):