Jan 28, 2009 Article
"This week, Congress will vote on a massive $825 billion spending package introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic leadership. In an all too familiar fashion, Democrats are citing the current economic recession as an instance that demands billions in new government spending."
Aug 17, 2008 Article
"When most Americans see the high price of gasoline, they wonder how they will afford groceries, school supplies or the gas to get to work. While these are real concerns, the high price of fuel is a symptom of a much larger issue that left unaddressed threatens America's military and diplomatic advantage."
Jul 14, 2008 Article
"Five years ago, when I first visited Israel, I met a people filled with optimism yet stuck in the midst of terrorism. This month, I returned to Israel for a nationwide fact-finding tour to learn what progress had been made and what obstacles to peace remain. While I was encouraged by the growth in domestic tranquillity, I was simultaneously disturbed to see more evidence of Iran's negative influence in the region motivated by its determination for regional supremacy."
Jul 7, 2008 Article
"The Global War on Terrorism has had many consequences for the security of our nation and the strength and vitality of our Armed Forces. While on-going military operations require our forces to adapt, the troops on the ground continue to perform brilliantly. Our brave men and women in uniform continue to do all that we have asked of them. And so it is incumbent upon those of us who are protected by these brave patriots to ensure we give them not only the tools they need in theater but that we provide for them when they return home."
Jun 17, 2008 Article
"The impact of rising energy prices on America's wallet is unsustainable in the long run. Americans cannot afford skyrocketing energy prices with no end in sight and no strategic framework to meet our future energy needs. We can blame energy companies, tax American businesses, demand more from oil-rich nations and yet continue to fall short of energy independence and lower prices. Or, we can do what America does best - couple innovation with opportunity and see what this nation can produce."
Mar 24, 2008 Article
"I recently announced that I would not seek any earmark funding requests in the Fiscal Year 2009 spending bills. This decision was a necessary response to the misuse and abuse inherent in today's earmarking process - a system that values power and position over merit and continues to jeopardize the trust of the American people."
Mar 6, 2008 Article
"More than a week ago, the Protect America Act - a law that closed loopholes in our intelligence surveillance capabilities - expired. Today, our ability to monitor foreign terrorists has been diminished, and some in Congress still refuse to bring a permanent extension of that act to the floor for a vote. They are withholding an important asset to our national security, all the while demanding that we first agree to punish American companies before protecting American families."
Dec 12, 2005 Article

Honoring the honorable

By Congressman Joe Wilson

Dec 12, 2005

Dear Servicemember,

Teddy Roosevelt once said, "far and away, the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing."

Sep 11, 2005 Article
Wilson remains optimistic about war; S.C.congressman confident even as backing for conflict dwindles in U.S. By LAUREN MARKOE Washington Bureau 11 September 2005 The State (Columbia, SC) EYE ON WASHINGTON
Jul 15, 2005 Article
Indian Prime Minister Will Meet at White House with Bush Voice of America 15 July 2005 Indian Prime Minister Monmohan Singh makes his first visit Monday to the White House. While in Washington, Mr. Singh will also address a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Both events signal a warming of relations between India and the United States.