Jan 8, 2005 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) made the following remarks from the House Floor:
Jan 7, 2005 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) made the following statement regarding Congressman Tom DeLay’s announcement that he will permanently step down as Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives:

Dec 17, 2004 Press Release
Wilson Invites South Carolinians to the 55th Presidential Inaugural
Nov 16, 2004 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, just two weeks ago in an historic election, a clear majority of more than 60 million Americans voted to elect President George W. Bush to a second term in office. This was an increase over President Bush’s 2000 totals of more than 10 million votes, showing an astonishing growth in the support for his positive agenda to move America forward,” said Congressman Wilson.
Oct 7, 2004 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, as a 31-year veteran of the Army National Guard and the parent of three children serving in the military, including a son in Iraq, I am glad to report our troops are clearly supporting the re-election of President Bush,” said Congressman Wilson.
Oct 5, 2004 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, President George W. Bush has led our nation in the Global War on Terror with consistent strength and courage. After thousands of innocent Americans were murdered on September the 11th, he understood the nature of the terrorist threat, and immediately went on the offensive to protect American families,” said Congressman Wilson.
Oct 5, 2004 Press Release
“The bill we are voting on today has been used by Democrats to scare young voters and their parents with the lie of an impending draft,” said Congressman Wilson.
Sep 30, 2004 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, a historic meeting took place this past Friday in New York City between Indian Prime Minister Singh and Pakistani President Musharraf. This was an important step toward bringing about a peaceful ending to disputes over Kashmir and fears of nuclear conflict in the region,” said Congressman Wilson.
Sep 7, 2004 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, last week the world watched in horror as militant terrorists murdered hundreds of Russian schoolchildren. No one can doubt that we are in a full scale Global War on Terror. Since September 11th, the terrorists have attacked in Tunis, Karachi, Bali, Jakarta, Casablanca, Bombay, Mombassa, Najaf, Riyadh, Baghdad, Istanbul, Madrid, and continued the campaign of terror against Israel,” said Congressman Wilson.
Aug 19, 2004 Press Release
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