Press Releases

Jul 11, 2002 Press Release
Today, Rep Joe. Wilson (R-SC) joined a bipartisan group of Senators and Congressmen, pilots, flight attendants, and the widow of a pilot killed on September 11th, in a press conference to discuss the Senate status of armed pilots legislation.
Jul 10, 2002 Press Release
Wilson Calls For The Punishment of Corporate Criminals
“I am pleased with the strong leadership President Bush has shown by speaking bluntly and acting quickly. Businesses and corporate officers are not exempt from fair play and should be held to the utmost standards of ethics and decency of character."
Jul 9, 2002 Press Release
Wilson Urges Colleagues to Pass H.R. 4635
“On September 11th, terrorists took over commercial flights by using only box-cutters. No one could have known their evil intent, but now we have an opportunity to stop and deter future hijackings and acts of terror by arming our pilots,” said Rep. Wilson.
Jun 26, 2002 Press Release
“The Pledge of Allegiance is a free expression of patriotism and unity that should be encouraged, not stripped away by a liberal court in San Francisco. If Senate Democrats are listening, we need common-sense judges, and we need them now.”
Jun 21, 2002 Press Release
Today, Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, voted make the Portman-Cardin Retirement Savings provisions permanent. The Retirement Savings Security Act of 2002, H.R. 4931, allows Americans to save more in their IRA’s and 401(k)-type plans.
Jun 18, 2002 Press Release
“Americans have sent a clear message to Congress, ‘seniors need a prescription drug benefit now.’ We can no longer rely on rhetoric and empty promises, we must take action now to make sure that seniors receive help,” said Rep. Wilson
Jun 13, 2002 Press Release
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today voted in support of H.R. 4019, a bill that makes permanent the marriage tax relief passed last year. The bill passed on a vote of 271-142.
Jun 13, 2002 Press Release
“Tomorrow will mark the 227th birthday of the United States Army, the most powerful ground force the world has ever known. Since June 14, 1775, the Army has not rested in defense of freedom and democracy. Today, our brave soldiers are on the front lines defending the American people in the War on Terrorism,” said Rep. Wilson.
Jun 12, 2002 Press Release
“I’m very pleased with the leadership of President Bush and his administration on forming the new department,” said Rep. Wilson. “It shows the President’s continued determination to do everything possible in protecting our nation while fighting the war against terrorism and beyond.”
Jun 10, 2002 Press Release
Repeal of Tax Will Provide Relief to Small Businesses and Farms
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today voted for H.R. 2143, Permanent Death Tax Repeal Act of 2002, which passed the House by a vote of 256-171. The bill ensures that relief from the death tax enacted last year will not expire in 2011.