Nov 6, 2003 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, on Tuesday, November 11th, America will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Veterans Day, a day to honor to our men and women who have fought to preserve freedom and liberty for generations to come,” said Congressman Wilson. “Veterans Day was formerly known as Armistice Day in recognition of the end of World War I, until President Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the name of the holiday to include all veterans in 1954.”
Oct 30, 2003 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) applauded the news of significant economic growth. According to details released today, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by a 7.2% annual rate from July to September, the fastest growth since 1984. Also, 57,000 jobs were created in September, the first increase in eight months.
Oct 29, 2003 Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the students and faculty of Irmo High School in Irmo, South Carolina. Irmo High just received recognition from the U.S. Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School, their third such award,” said Congressman Wilson.
Oct 29, 2003 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) announced the unanimous passage of H.R. 1516, the National Cemetery Expansion Act of 2003. The bill authorizes a third national cemetery to be developed in South Carolina in either the Columbia or Greenville areas. Current national veterans cemeteries are located in Beaufort and Florence.
Oct 16, 2003 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, announced a historic House-Senate plan to provide concurrent receipt for more disabled veterans than have ever been covered by law.
Oct 16, 2003 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) introduced the Credit Card Reform Act of 2003. This important legislation will substantially reform the government credit card program used throughout federal agencies for purchase and travel purposes. In 2002, there were over 2.5 million federal credit card holders with purchases totaling over $21 billion.
Oct 10, 2003 Editorial
The central front in the War on Terror is being fought in Iraq and it was an honor to be selected by Armed Services Committee Ranking Democrat Ike Skelton (D-MO) to serve on a delegation in mid-September to newly liberated Iraq.
Oct 7, 2003 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) made the following remarks from the House Floor:
Oct 3, 2003 Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson, (R-S.C.) made the following remarks in response to a vote by Senator Ernest Hollings, (D-S.C.), against passage of S. Amdt. 1795, a resolution commending the Armed Forces of the United States in the War on Terrorism. Senator Hollings was the only senator to vote against passage of the resolution, which passed yesterday 98-1.
Oct 2, 2003 Article
Remember the "quagmire" about to consume U.S. and coalition forces in the first days of the invasion of Iraq? Some home-based journalists and talking heads all but warned that Saddam Hussein's formidable military and a hostile Iraqi desert were sure to bog down U.S. troops in another Vietnam [see "Out of the 'Quagmire,'" April 29-May 12]. Nonsense, the Pentagon said, with civilian and military leaders alike confidently describing the remarkable progress being made despite the sandstorms and stretched supply lines. The front-line reporting by embedded journalists supported the Pentagon's prediction of the imminent fall of Baghdad.