Wilson Responds to President's FY15 Budget Proposal

Mar 4, 2014

Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel Joe Wilson issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s Fiscal year 2015 budget proposal. 

“Raising taxes in order to advance the President’s agenda threatens our national security and plagues our economy with more uncertainty,” Chairman Wilson stated. “As international instability continues to rise and our enemies become more vengeful, reducing the size of our Armed Forces is anything but responsible.  Our brave men and women, military families, and veterans have answered the call of duty to protect our freedoms.  They should never be placed on the chopping block in order to advance a culture of government-dependency.” 

“The President is failing to uphold vital nonproliferation agreements and ongoing environment cleanup missions by essentially terminating MOX at the Savannah River Site.  This project plays an integral role in honoring international agreements with Russia. As evidenced by today’s reality in the Ukraine, it is clear the Obama Administration has no intention of carrying out a foreign policy that demands international respect.   Requiring Russia to cooperate and dispose of their nuclear bombs should not be up for debate.”