Wilson Statement on President Bush's Speech

Jun 28, 2005
Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) released the following statement regarding President Bush's speech marking the one year anniversary of the transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people: "Over the past two years, U.S soldiers have given their lives in Iraq. Their sacrifice has been painful to witness, but it has not been in vain. Tonight, President Bush clearly articulated why their sacrifice and service is vital to the future security of our country. "As we continue to fight an unconventional enemy, we will face challenges and difficult times. However, the strong will of the Iraqi people and U.S. soldiers will overpower the brutal killers who serve an agenda of hate and evil. As President Bush said, the terrorists are failing and we will not allow our future to be determined by car bombers and assassins. "On June 28, 2004, people doubted if the Iraqi people would ever hold democratic elections or draft a constitution. Less than one year later, 8.5 million Iraqi people defied the terrorists and rose to the tasks required to establish a thriving democracy. The progress in Iraq is real, and the advance of freedom will continue. "I am grateful for President Bush's leadership and dedication to protecting our country. In conclusion, God bless our troops and we will never forget September 11th." ###