WIS TV - Five soldiers removed from duty in poison plot investigation

Feb 28, 2010



Five soldiers removed from duty in poison plot investigation

Posted: Feb 28, 2010 5:26 PM EST Updated:

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Five Muslim soldiers under investigation after allegations surfaced of a potential plot to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson have been removed from active duty according to Rep. Joe Wilson's office.

Wilson says four of the soldiers were discharged from the Army for petty crimes and the fifth was returned to his National Guard unit in Virginia.

"The investigation revealed that there was not an effort to poison food," Wilson said. The probe also showed the men had not been disloyal.

The second district representative says all five men were U.S. citizens from northern Virginia enrolled in "Lima 09," a program started to help train Farsi and Arabic speakers.

Officials say the soldiers were not removed because of the allegations, but for instances of minor theft.

An investigation continues into other possible crimes relating to information found on their laptops, Wilson said. The laptops were turned over to the FBI for analysis.

Fort Jackson, near Columbia, puts more than 50,000 soldiers annually through basic and advanced instruction, serving about 40,000 hot meals daily at 13 dining halls.

The Army had been investigating the plot for two months, but no credible information was found to support the initial claims.