9-11 Pilot’s Widow, Pilots, Congressmen Urge Senate to Arm Pilots

Jul 11, 2002
Press Release
Today, Rep Joe. Wilson (R-SC) joined a bipartisan group of Senators and Congressmen, pilots, flight attendants, and the widow of a pilot killed on September 11th, in a press conference to discuss the Senate status of armed pilots legislation. Senators Bob Smith (R-NH), Conrad Burns (R-MT), Zell Miller (D-GA), Jim Inhofe (R-OK), and Representatives Peter DeFazio (D-OR), John Mica (R-FL), John Thune (R-SD), Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), Joe Barton (R-TX), J.D. Hayworth (R-AZ), Robin Hayes (R-NC), George Nethercutt, Jr. (R-WA), Joe Wilson (R-SC) and other sponsors of the legislation, were joined at the news conference by Ellen Saracini, the widow of Capt. Vic Saracini, the pilot who was killed when his plane crashed into Tower 2 of the World Trade Center on Flight 175, and pilots and flight attendants who are calling for immediate Senate action on armed pilots legislation.. “My husband discussed the arming of pilots with me and he believed strongly that it was a valid way of ensuring aircraft safety. Little did he know how profoundly his thoughts would impact his life,” said Ellen Saracini. “Recent undercover tests reveal that in some instances, 50 percent of the time carry-on luggage containing weapons were able to successfully get past checkpoints. This points more dramatically at the need to arm pilots.” “Two-thirds of the House of Representatives, pilots, flight attendants, and the American public have come out in support of arming pilots to give them a fighting chance in stopping terrorist attacks,” said Rep. Wilson following the press conference. “I want to commend Chairman Don Young and Chairman John Mica on achieving an overwhelming 310-113 victory in the House in support of this legislation. The more people get to know about this subject, the more obvious the commonsense of arming pilots becomes. As the only drilling member of the National Guard in Congress, I am very aware of the ability most pilots have as former military and law enforcement in protecting passengers and crew if they are given the proper tools.” ###