America Stands by Spain Against Terrorism

Mar 11, 2004
Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) made the following remarks from the House Floor: “Mr. Speaker, America awoke this morning to learn the tragic news that at least 170 people were massacred and over 600 wounded in terrorist attacks on the public train system in Madrid, Spain. The Basque terrorist group ETA is believed to be responsible for these murderous bombings,” said Congressman Wilson. “This is only the latest in a global campaign of terror that seeks to undermine freedom and democracy throughout the world by taking the lives of innocent civilians. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11th here in America, there have been deadly attacks from Morocco to Indonesia, and from India to Turkey and Russia, along with assaults in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Watch Video “As British Prime Minister Tony Blair has rightly said this morning, “This terrible attack underlines the threat that we all continue to face from terrorism in many countries and why we must all work together internationally to safeguard our peoples against such attacks and defeat terrorism.” “Our allies in Spain led ably by the courageous José Maria Aznar, should know that Americans mourn with them today. America is committed to stand by Spain to defeat global terrorism, as we are grateful for the Spanish heritage of America. “In conclusion, may God bless our troops and we will never forget September the 11th,” said Congressman Wilson. ###