Congressman Joe Wilson Introduces Resolution Commemorating Israel's 70th Anniversary

Apr 11, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson Introduces Resolution Commemorating Israel's 70th Anniversary 

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) released the following statements after introducing H. Res. 815, which commemorates the upcoming 70th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel and President Donald Trump’s decision to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem.

Over the past 70 years, the Israeli people have demonstrated resiliency of the human spirit while overcoming tremendous obstacles.  Every day, Israelis endure the threat of terrorism in their lives, but they remain optimistic about the future of their country.  As Americans face a similar enemy in the Global War on Terrorism, we must continue to strengthen our relationship with this great nation.”

As Israelis prepare to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their country’s independence, I would like to congratulate them on another remarkable year of freedom.”

The resolution specifically:

  • (1) Commends the State of Israel for maintaining friendly and meaningful relations with the United States over the past 70 years; 
  • (2) Recognizes Israel as a strong and stable democracy in the region;
  • (3) Salutes the deep security relationship between the United States and Israel; 
  • (4) Encourages other countries with diplomatic relations with Israel to move their embassies to Jerusalem; and 
  • (5) Commends the Trump Administration for its December 6, 2017, proclamation recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocating the United States embassy to Jerusalem on the anniversary of Israeli Independence.

You can find the House Resolution here.