Congressmen Wilson and Deutch Statements on Introduction of H.R. 4802

Oct 23, 2019
Press Release

On October 23, Ranking Member Joe Wilson and Chairman Ted Deutch, introduced H.R. 4802 which will amend the State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program to authorize rewards for information regarding individuals or entities engaged in activities that violate United States and international sanctions:

“This common-sense bipartisan bill serves a simple but crucial function: incentivizing whistleblowers to disclose information regarding sanctions evasion practices,” said Representative Wilson. “By doing so, we will enhance compliance with U.S. and international sanctions, increase confidence in the rule of law, and bring criminals and rogue regimes seeking to circumvent U.S. law to justice.”

“Sanctions are among our most effective tools to punish our enemies and protect our national security,” said Representative Deutch.” With the strength of our financial system and in partnership with our allies and international organizations, U.S. sanctions can be immensely successful in deterring harmful behavior. But sanctions are only as strong as their enforcement. This bill would strengthen our sanctions regime by offering financial rewards for individuals who help the U.S. crackdown on sanctions evaders. I’m very happy to partner with Representative Wilson on this bill.”