Corporations Must Operate on Fair Play

Jul 10, 2002
Press Release
Wilson Calls For The Punishment of Corporate Criminals
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today on the House Floor made the following remarks in response to recent news reports of corporation misconduct. “Mr. Speaker, I am simply outraged by the revelations day after day that corporations have cheated and betrayed the trust of investors and employees by seeking personal gain while their companies flounder. We must hold each one of these criminals accountable for the abuses they have committed,” said Rep. Wilson. “I am pleased with the strong leadership President Bush has shown by speaking bluntly and acting quickly. Businesses and corporate officers are not exempt from fair play and should be held to the utmost standards of ethics and decency of character. “House Republicans on April 24th, passed a responsible Corporate Reform bill and it should be considered and enacted to restore confidence in the economy. “However, with all of the scandals that are splashed across the media, I am confident that the overwhelming majority of companies and accounting firms are morally responsible and law abiding organizations that care deeply about the welfare of their investors. It is my hope that leaders will arise from these companies, people that are involved in their communities in a positive way, that will reclaim the respect and dignity of their positions,” said Rep. Wilson. ###