Give Pilots A Fighting Chance

Jul 9, 2002
Press Release
Wilson Urges Colleagues to Pass H.R. 4635
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today on the House Floor made the following remarks in support of H.R. 4635, the Arming Pilots Against Terrorism bill. “On September 11th, terrorists took over commercial flights by using only box-cutters. No one could have known their evil intent, but now we have an opportunity to stop and deter future hijackings and acts of terror by arming our pilots,” said Rep. Wilson. “Transportation Chairman Don Young and Aviation Subcommittee Chairman John Mica have offered a commonsense solution for preventing the passengers and crews of commercial flights from becoming sitting ducks. Their bill, H.R. 4635 Arming Pilots Against Terrorism, would begin a two-year test program allowing a percentage of the current pilot workforce to be armed and trained for proper use. “At least half of the nation’s commercial airline pilots have military or law enforcement backgrounds, and are highly skilled and trained in self-defense. We trust pilots daily with our lives operating high-tech aircraft, I know we can depend on their competence as armed protection. “I urge my colleagues to vote YES on H.R. 4635 and give our pilots a fighting chance to protect innocent civilians from murderous terrorists,” said Rep. Wilson. ###