Helping Americans Get Back to Work

Feb 14, 2002
Press Release
Wilson Votes to Keep Economic Security Alive
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today voted for legislation to promote economic growth and create jobs as well as help those who have lost their jobs get unemployment benefits. “Over one million people have lost their jobs since September 11th,” said Rep. Wilson. “Today, the House of Representatives took action to help these hardworking Americans get paychecks, not just unemployment checks.” “Today, February 14th, is the 56th day since passage of the second House economic security bill. The Democrat-controlled Senate has still yet to act on any proposal to help the economy and create jobs,” said Rep. Wilson. “The legislation we passed today will lower the 27 percent income tax rate to 25 percent, helping average Americans and saving 33 million taxpayers over $12 billion this year. “Additionally, businesses who employ a large number of people will also have incentives to hire more employees as a result of today’s legislation,” said Rep. Wilson. “A thirty percent bonus depreciation for business investments and the reduction in the corporate alternative minimum tax will help the economy by creating new jobs. “To help those who need immediate assistance, this bill contains thirteen additional weeks of unemployment benefits with a possible further extension if unemployment increases,” said Rep. Wilson. “It also contains a health care tax credit that provides a 60 percent credit for displaced workers who do not have access to health care coverage to purchase insurance of their choice. “Senate Majority Leader Daschle needs to work with us in a House-Senate conference to make economic security legislation a reality. This will create new jobs and help the unemployed,” said Rep. Wilson. “With today’s legislation, the energy bill and trade promotion authority, we will help get Americans go back to work and help the economy get back on track.” ###