Honoring Doolittle’s Raiders

Apr 17, 2002
Press Release
“Mr. Speaker, this week marks the 60th anniversary of the famous Tokyo Raid conducted by Doolittle’s Raiders, and possibly the last reunion of this courageous contingent is being held this week in Columbia, South Carolina. General Woody Randall and hundreds of dedicated volunteers have organized a week long tribute to our Raider heroes,” said Rep. Wilson. “The Raiders were assembled early in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and trained at Columbia Army Airfield by General Jimmy Doolittle for their courageous service which was crucial to raise America’s shocked wartime spirits and which had profound strategic consequences for America’s ultimate victory. “South Carolina is especially proud of native son 1st Lieutenant William G. Farrow of Darlington. Lieutenant Farrow was one of eight members of Doolittle’s Raiders who were captured by the Japanese. He endured six months of brutal torture and deprivation before being executed at the age of 25 with two fellow Raiders. “Lieutenant Farrow’s ultimate sacrifice for our freedom will never be forgotten and his influence continues with his authorship as a student at the University of South Carolina of ‘An American’s Creed for Victory.’ This creed was promoted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as an example for the country. “Mr. Speaker, as we honor Doolittle’s Raiders for their courageous sacrifices to our nation during World War II, it is my hope that Lieutenant Farrow’s patriotic words will inspire all generations of Americans to serve their country with pride and honor,” said Rep. Wilson. ### https://www.house.gov/joewilson Farrow’s Creed After Raider Lieutenant William Farrow’s execution on October 15, 1942, his mother found this list in a trunk belonging to him. President Franklin D. Roosevelt touted the list as an example to the nation. It was printed in newspapers and church bulletins coast to coast. My Future (later called “An American’s Creed for Victory”) - First, what are my weaknesses? · 1) Lack of thoroughness and application. · 2) Lack of curiosity. · 3) Softness in driving myself. · 4) Lack of constant diligence. · 5) Lack of seriousness of purpose - sober thought. · 6) Scatter-brained dashing here and there and not getting anything done - spur-of-the-moment stuff. · 7) Letting situations confuse the truth in my mind. · 8) Lack of self-confidence. · 9) Letting people influence my decisions too much. I must weigh my decisions - then act. · 10) Too much frivolity - not enough serious thought. · 11) Lack of clear-cut, decisive thinking. - Second, what must I do to develop myself? · 1) Stay in glowing health - take a good, fast one-hour workout each day. · 2) Search our current, past and future topics on aviation. · 3) Work hard on each day’s lessons - shoot for an “A.” · 4) Stay close to God - do His will and commandments. He is my friend and protector. Believe in Him - trust in His ways - not in my own confused understanding of the universe. · 5) Do not waste energy or time in fruitless pursuits - learn to act from honest fundamental motives - simplicity in life leads to the fullest living. Order my life - in order, there is achievement, in aimlessness, there is retrogression. · 6) Fear nothing - be it insanity, sickness, failure - always be upright - look the world in the eye. · 7) Keep my mind always clean - allow no evil thoughts to destroy me. My mind is my very own, to think and use just as I do my arms. It was given me by the Creator to use as I see fit, but to think wrong is to do wrong! · 8) Concentrate! Choose the task to be done, and do it to the best of my ability. · 9) Fear not for the future - build on each day as though the future for me is a certainty. If I die tomorrow, that is too bad, but I will have done today’s work! · 10) Never be discouraged over anything! Turn failure into success.