Honoring Reverend George Elias Meetze

Jan 21, 2004
Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) made the following remarks from the House Floor: “Last week history was made in the South Carolina State Senate when the Rev. George Elias Meetze presented the Prayer for opening the Senate First Day of the Second Session of the 115th General Assembly on January 13th,” said Congressman Wilson. “This marked the 55th year of service by the enthusiastic Dr. Meetze as Chaplain of the Senate. He holds the historic record of being the longest serving chaplain of a legislative body in the world. Every day as he leads the Senate in prayer, he establishes a new record of devotion to the people of South Carolina. “Dr. Meetze is a graduate of the University of South Carolina, New York Theological Seminary, and graduate of the Lutheran Southern Seminary. He is the retired pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation of Columbia from 1942 to1974. Dr. Meetze and his late wife Margaret Allen have two sons, George Allen Meetze and William Dagnall Meetze. “In every way Dr. Meetze is a vital participant of the Midlands Community, never missing Rotary, promoting the Salvation Army, and serving the American Cancer Society. “I urge my colleagues to commend Dr. George Meetze for his historic service as he begins a new session. “In conclusion, God Bless Our Troops. We will always remember September 11th,” said Congressman Wilson. ###