Jul 31, 2020
Press Release

On July 31, Congressman Joe Wilson released the following statement after House passage of two unprecedented amendments to the Defense Appropriations bill which were offered by Congressman Wilson:

“These amendments prohibit U.S. taxpayer funds from going to notorious Iranian-backed militias who undermine the sovereignty of Iraq and have American blood on their hands. Groups that comprise the Popular Mobilization Forces, and especially Iran’s cowardly proxy the Badr Organization, which shamefully do Tehran’s malicious bidding in Iraq and were involved in the attack on our Embassy in Baghdad. They should be designated terrorist organizations. At the very least, we must ensure that not a single penny of hard-earned U.S. taxpayers’ dollars go to these criminal gangs that seek to destabilize Iraq and harm American families.

“Ultimately the underlying bill was deeply flawed and included many dangerous left-wing provisions including repealing the AUMF that allows our troops to succeed in the Global War on Terrorism. However, I am grateful that the House at least included these two important amendments that will ensure our money does not go to fund those that have a murderous agenda.”