Representative Joe Wilson

Representing the 2nd District of South Carolina

ICYMI: Wilson: “Other Presidents Offer Aid...Like A Ransom”

May 1, 2018
Press Release

ICYMI: Wilson: “Other Presidents Offer Aid...Like A Ransom”


Having Kim Jong-un and President Moon actually cross the border; I was there in August, when the thought of crossing the border was inconceivable.

This is a huge tribute to President Donald Trump and his team, [including] Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Ambassador Nikki Haley, and National Security Advisor John Bolton. The President has the team in place to make a difference, to provide for denuclearization and Peace Through Strength.”

President Trump is totally different from the prior president, he is making a difference. He understands that you must be strong and that’s what he is doing; building up our military, providing missile defense systems, working with President Xi of China, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, and President Moon in Seoul.”

President Donald Trump has made such a positive impact, he is real. Sadly, we’ve had other presidents who simply offer aid, almost like a ransom… we were providing billions of dollars to a totalitarian despotic regime, under the hope that they would change. They did not change.”

Today, we have a strong President; Peace Through Strength!”

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