President Bush’s Policies are Strengthening America’s Economy

Mar 3, 2004
Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) made the following remarks from the House Floor: “Mr. Speaker, President Bush took office three years ago faced with the challenge of managing a recession that began under the previous administration. Soon, other factors bogged down our economy, including the attacks of September 11th, corporate scandals, and the ensuing stock market decline,” said Congressman Wilson. “Despite all of these negative events, President Bush and the Republican Congress have worked together to strengthen the economy in America. Due to the President’s policies of tax relief, we have seen an increase of 366,000 jobs and according to the American Shareholders Association, the stock market is on pace to generate an astonishing $6.3 trillion of new resources since October 2002 for America’s families. Additionally, unemployment has fallen below the average of each of the last three decades. Watch Video “However, more work is needed, which the President has outlined. We must make the tax relief for all taxpayers permanent, reduce regulation, ensure affordable health care for families and small businesses, and enact a sound national energy policy. “In conclusion, may God bless our troops and we will never forget September 11th,” said Congressman Wilson. ###