Rep. Wilson Hosts Town Hall

Apr 11, 2017
Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) held a town hall at Aiken Technical College yesterday, answering questions on a range of issues, including national defense, health care, North Korea, and immigration. Congressman Wilson clearly outlined issues he’s consistently advocated for throughout his service in Congress for limited government and expanded freedom. 

After a brief congressional update, the Congressman took questions that constituents submitted on index cards. The cards were drawn randomly. Constituents that did not have their questions read during the event will receive a written response to their question from the Congressman.

On National Defense:

Question: How can we get our defense the budget they need? The men and women, they defend us, deserve our support.

“By having continuing resolutions, it puts our military in a situation where they cannot plan day to day, month to month. It particularly affects the equipment they have so that they can be proficient to protect the American people.

“As Chairman of the Readiness Subcommittee, I am working for a full budget for the Defense Department so that we can have the ability to provide for the defense of the American people.”


On Health Care:

Question: The next question simply says health care.

“The question of health care…we need to replace Obamacare. The best way to have better health care is to reduce government involvement.”

On North Korea:

Question: What should be done by the President and by Congress to combat the threat North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles?


“The whole concentration of their dictatorship has been to now build a miniaturized nuclear capability and build ICBMs which would hit the United States…

“I have been working with a resolution last week—it was bipartisan. We came up with proposals to further sanction the dictatorship in North Korea…It actually passed with bipartisan support, 398 to 3.”

On Immigration:

Question: Immigrant families are being torn apart across this country. What are you doing to protect them?

“In my law practice, I have represented persons who have come to the United States legally…I have worked with persons to be here because we know immigrants who are legal immigrants who come are very beneficial. I’m so excited as I see the success of immigrant families who come to the United States legally.”