Representative Joe Wilson

Representing the 2nd District of South Carolina

Rep. Wilson Statement President’s Cuba Policy Changes

Jun 16, 2017
Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) made the following statement after the President announced a policy change of the United States towards Cuba:  

“When the previous Administration restored diplomatic relations with Cuba in 2015, they did nothing but enable the Cuban dictatorship—providing them access to funds to continue their totalitarian regime that jails pro-democracy protestors.

“By repairing the policies of the prior Administration, President Trump is clear—the United States will not promote doing business with a tyrannical regime that props up the dictatorship at the expense of its people. Hard currency does not reach citizens, but is held by the military, intelligence services, and Communist Party hacks.

“The president’s new policy is clear—the United States stands with freedom-loving people around the world and those who support our shared values of free enterprise and democracy.”