Report: Troops Overwhelmingly Support President Bush

Oct 7, 2004
Press Release
Today, U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) made the following remarks on the House Floor: “Mr. Speaker, as a 31-year veteran of the Army National Guard and the parent of three children serving in the military, including a son in Iraq, I am glad to report our troops are clearly supporting the re-election of President Bush,” said Congressman Wilson. “According to the independent Army Times, America’s troops are voting today for President Bush by a margin of over four to one. Our troops know firsthand President Bush is courageously leading the successful fight against the terrorists in the Global War on Terrorism. He is the commander in chief to trust with their lives. “American servicemembers know in a time of war we need a clear message to the murderers of children. President Bush has a hopeful vision of victory established by our competent troops who have liberated over fifty million people from Afghanistan to Iraq. In my three visits to Iraq, I have seen and met the New Greatest Generation who are making history for democracy. “President Bush clearly understands with our troops that the best way to protect American families is to take the war to the terrorists. We must fight at the source to reduce the potential for warfare in the streets of America. “In conclusion, may God bless our troops and we will never forget September 11th,” said Congressman Wilson. ### Click Here to Watch Video