Restoring the Indo-American Friendship

Apr 3, 2002
Press Release
Wilson Welcomes Ambassador of India to Capitol Hill
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, met with Indian Ambassador Lalit Mansingh and Indian Minister Ajay Swarup at the Second Congressional District office last week. Ambassador Mansingh spoke to the Congressman about how the partnership between America and India has greatly improved since the end of the Cold War. Yesterday, Rep. Wilson spoke about their meeting on the House floor. The following is a transcript of that speech: “Mr. Speaker, last Tuesday I welcomed to Capitol Hill India’s Ambassador to the United States Lalit Mansingh and Minister Ajay Swarup. I applaud the Indian government in supporting the war on terrorism. America and India are the world’s two largest democracies fighting the common enemy of international terrorism. Together, America and India can make South Asia and the world a safer place. “I am happy to see economic ties with India booming. Trade increased since 1991 from $15 million to $15 billion today, and two million Indian-Americans have enriched America with their business acumen. “With the victory of democracy in the Cold War, friendship has been restored between the people of India and America. I support President Bush’s initiatives in building a strong partnership between America and India. I commend the efforts of Ambassador Mansingh and Minister Swarup in their efforts to bring America and India closer together as allies.” ###