Seniors Need Prescription Drug Benefit Now

Jun 18, 2002
Press Release
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today on the House Floor made the following remarks about the Republican proposal of a prescription drug benefit for all seniors. “Americans have sent a clear message to Congress, ‘seniors need a prescription drug benefit now.’ We can no longer rely on rhetoric and empty promises, we must take action now to make sure that seniors receive help,” said Rep. Wilson “And now, thanks to the leadership of Republicans, we have a prescription drug benefit plan that not only provides for a long-term permanent benefit, but also makes sure that relief is given now in the short-term. “This is a plan that does not discriminate between different groups of seniors, as everyone should have access to a prescription drug if they choose to use it. And the most important part of this plan is that it provides options. We will give seniors real choices to make sure they get a plan that best suits their individual needs. “Many on the other side of the aisle want to make this a partisan issue. They offer up plans that have no basis in reality, calling for an $800 billion program with no way to fund it. This is politics as usual, rhetoric with no results. The Republican prescription drug benefit is responsible and realistic, and we can get it to our seniors now,” said Rep. Wilson. ###