The 60 Plus Association says, "SENIORS CAN COUNT ON WILSON"

Apr 3, 2002
Press Release
PRESS RELEASE FROM THE 60 PLUS ASSOCIATION: Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) “can be depended on to protect Social Security and Medicare and to support a prescription drug benefit for seniors.” That assertion was made by Jim Martin, President of the 60 Plus Association, a non-partisan senior citizens group with more than half a million members nationally, over 6,000 in South Carolina and some 1200 in the 2nd Congressional District Wilson represents. Wilson received the accolades from Martin at a Capitol Hill event set to honor those, Martin said, who are “senior friendly” in their votes and legislative proposals. Wilson was presented with a Guardian of Seniors’ Rights Award at the event. Martin said “seniors have no finer friend” than Joe Wilson. He said Wilson was “instrumental in repealing the earnings limit imposed on seniors aged 65-69, a bill which passed the Congress. Wilson also worked hard to abolish the estate or so-called “death” tax, a 55% confiscatory tax levied on your assets before they pass on to your beneficiaries. “This tax hurts small businesses and farmers and its abolishment allows expansion of existing businesses and start-up of new ones,” Martin said. “Rep. Wilson a proven fighter for seniors,” Martin declared, noting that Wilson has previously been the recipient of the Association’s Guardian Award, as well as having won the Benjamin Franklin Award given to those who favor repeal of the death tax. “It was Franklin who famously said there are two certainties in life, taxes and death. But because you can still be taxed when you die,” Martin added, “there are now three certainties, taxes, death and taxes after death. 60 Plus decided to bestow a Ben Franklin award on Wilson and others who worked to get rid of that third certainty, taxes after death. Why should Uncle Sam, not even a blood relative, be the first claimant in line instead of your loved ones. This was a gruesome tax to impose, and its repeal is good riddance and we thank Rep. Wilson for his strong efforts to ‘kill’ the death tax,” Martin concluded. -30-