Wartime Budget Keeps Commitment to Education Reforms

Apr 15, 2002
Press Release
Wilson Responds to Senator Lieberman's Remarks
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today responded to remarks from Senator Joseph Lieberman, D-CT, which criticized President Bush's education record. Sen. Lieberman visited Benedict College of South Carolina, a historically black institution that Rep. Wilson toured last week. "It's sad that during his visits to traditionally black universities, Senator Lieberman chose to attack the President's stellar record on education," said Rep. Wilson. "These are the same institutions that have greatly benefited from the $378 million President Bush has specifically requested this year to assist institutions that enroll a large proportion of minority and disadvantaged students, an increase of over $12 million from last year." "Senator Lieberman's claim that President Bush is 'majoring on talk, but minoring in action' is simply not true. The President's landmark No Child Left Behind Act was a bipartisan bill that gets past all of the rhetoric and makes real changes to help children across the country. "The Senator also asserted that we are failing to provide enough funding to meet our promises to support education; a preposterous statement when you look at the numbers. Through the leadership of Republicans in Congress, funding to the education department will have more than doubled since 1996. "The President has managed to keep his commitments to education, while at the same time fighting the war and leading the nation out of recession. These accusations are frivolous, and I think that South Carolinians and all Americans see them for the cheap politically partisan shots they are," said Rep. Wilson. ###