Wilson Affirms Support for Department of Homeland Security

Jun 12, 2002
Press Release
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today made the following remarks regarding President Bush’s proposal for a new cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security. “I’m very pleased with the leadership of President Bush and his administration on forming the new department,” said Rep. Wilson. “It shows the President’s continued determination to do everything possible in protecting our nation while fighting the war against terrorism and beyond.” Rep. Wilson, a member of the powerful House Armed Services Committee, met today with Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card regarding the proposal of the new department. “As we move toward actually forming the Department of Homeland Security, its important that we in Congress remain focused on reorganization not duplication. Over 100 agencies already have some homeland security responsibilities. We must streamline these under one department that will be immediately accountable,” said Rep. Wilson. Last Thursday, President Bush gave an address to the nation, proposing that Congress create a new Department of Homeland Defense. This would be a cabinet-level agency, reporting directly to the President, and subject to oversight by the House and Senate. The new agency will do the following: · Oversee our border and critical infrastructure protection. · Communicate with state and local governments, private industry, and the American people about threats and preparedness. · Protect Americans at home against bioterrorism and other weapons of mass destruction. · Synthesize and analyze homeland security intelligence from multiple sources. · Manage federal emergency response efforts. ###