Wilson: American Military and Allies Will Win the War on Terror

Jun 1, 2004
Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) made the following remarks from the House Floor: “Mr. Speaker, during this past week I again saw firsthand our courageous service members in action successfully fighting the Global War on Terror in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, the Persian Gulf, Qatar, and Germany,” said Congressman Wilson. “Led by House Administration Chairman Bob Ney (R-OH), our delegation met with American military and coalition government officials. In every instance my effort as a Congressman, Guard member, and parent of three service members, which was meant to encourage others, actually encouraged me. Watch Video “I was particularly impressed by the courage of those wounded in the War on Terror that we met with in Landstuhl Germany. I was so touched by a female soldier who had just undergone extreme surgery. We immediately bonded as fellow National Guard members, and later I found out she was a star of the Notre Dame women’s basketball team. She lives Army values. “The War on Terror is not just Afghanistan and Iraq. President Bush has been courageous to protect American families by taking the war to the terrorists overseas and not waiting for a new September 11th on the streets of our communities. I know firsthand the New Greatest Generation of American service members has the fortitude to win the War on Terror. “In conclusion, may God bless our troops, and we will never forget September 11th,” said Congressman Wilson. ###