Wilson Announces Congressional Agenda

Jan 2, 2004
Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) held press conferences today in Columbia and Beaufort to discuss his agenda for the second session of the 108th Congress, which begins this upcoming January 20th. Congressman Wilson outlined his agenda to the constituents of the Second District to inform them of his goals for the upcoming Session of Congress. “In the second session of the 108th Congress, I will remain committed to a strong national defense so that we can successfully fight the Global War on Terrorism, providing further family tax relief, ensuring that we have an open and accountable government, and working with the Education and the Workforce committee to build upon the success of the President's No Child Left Behind legislation,” said Congressman Wilson. “Our military has shown extraordinary courage and valor in the War on Terrorism, and we will give them the funds and equipment so they can continue to be successful,” Congressman Wilson said. “Also, I will continue to push for the State Defense Force Improvement Act, which I sponsored with Democratic Congressman Lincoln Davis of Tennessee, as it strengthens state guard forces like the one in South Carolina. It also allows state defense forces to train with the Department of Defense, and to help in Homeland Security situations.” “I will work with Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa to pass our legislation which will reign in the abuse of the government credit card program. Some federal employees have been found to misuse these cards meant for official business, and our bill will begin to hold them accountable.” “The Republican tax relief plan has led to an explosion of our nation’s economy, and I plan to fight to make sure the President’s tax cuts are made permanent. Our families are overtaxed, and they should not fear a tax increase when these provisions expire in 2010,” said Congressman Wilson. “Additionally, I will continue to fight hard for our children, so that they have the best education possible.” ###