Wilson Calls on President to Support MOX Project

Jun 19, 2013
Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) released the following in response to President Obama’s remarks in Berlin, Germany where he called on Russia to enter into bilateral negotiations to reduce our strategic nuclear warhead arsenal by one-third beyond the levels set by the New START treaty.


“The President talks out of both sides of his mouth, offering empty ‘feel good’ promises.  His appeal to further deplete our nuclear weapons stockpile in response to equal cooperation with Russia is not surprising.  However, the fact that he calls for new measures when he has actively tried to stall efforts to meet our current international obligations is misleading.

“The Mixed Oxide (MOX) facility located at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC, will play a tremendous role in helping the United States honor our current international nonproliferation agreements. By disposing of weapons grade plutonium, this one-of-a-kind project, which is over 60% completed, will play a vital role in turning bombs into energy.  Unfortunately, the President has recently attacked the MOX facility in his budget by reducing its funding nearly 50%, paralyzing the program and delaying it’s progress. 

“I encourage the President to begin practicing what he preaches.  If he does, in fact, want the United States to continue cleaning up our nuclear weapons supply, he must support the MOX project.”