Wilson Demands Democrat Cooperation in House Ethics Process

Apr 21, 2005
Press Release
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) made the following statement regarding the House Democrats' refusal to allow the House Ethics Committee to fairly investigate the charges against Majority Leader Tom DeLay: “For the past six weeks, Democrats have attacked Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s character, leadership and intentions,” said Wilson. “Although Democrats continue to smear Congressman Tom DeLay, they forget that they are responsible for preventing the Ethics Committee from investigating the charges directed at Mr. DeLay. Since the beginning of the 109th Congress, House Democrats have refused to allow the Ethics Committee to meet to address this issue. “Four Ethics Committee Republicans have pledged that as soon as Democrats permit the Ethics Committee to function again, they will vote to form an investigative subcommittee to review various allegations concerning travel and other actions by Congressman DeLay. “Majority Leader DeLay has said all along that he wants to appear before the Ethics Committee to address recent accusations. Unfortunately, Democrats prefer to attack his character for political purposes rather then officially investigate these allegations. Democrats should stop playing politics with the House Ethics Committee, and should give Congressman DeLay the opportunity to defend himself through the Congressional ethics process.” ###