Wilson Introduces Pro-Israel Resolution In U.S. House

Dec 13, 2017
Press Release
Reiterates Oppositions To United Nations’ Anti-Israel Actions

WASHINGTON – Congressman Joe Wilson, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement after introducing H. Res. 662, which recognizes Israel’s sovereignty to choose its own capital, reaffirms the relationship between the United States and Israel, recognizes that Israel is the United States’ strongest ally in the Middle East, and reiterates that the U.S. Congress strongly opposes the United Nations General Assembly’s anti-Israel actions.

“America’s bond with Israel is unique, and its strength is the foundation of American leadership in the Middle East. The president’s recent announcement that our embassy will be located in Jerusalem strengthens that bond. Recently, we have seen the United Nations General Assembly pass six anti-Israel resolutions. This is wrong. Israel has not only been our long-standing ally, but also is our strongest ally in the Middle East.

“When we see the United Nations and members of the international community target Israel, bullying a country that is surrounded by those who would do it harm, we’re going to – in the courageous words of Ambassador Nikki Haley – call them out. The people of Israel should know we have their back.  

“I am grateful for the leadership of President Donald Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley, who have restored American leadership on the world’s stage by renewing our commitment to peace through strength, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to recognize Israel as America’s strongest ally in the Middle East and condemn the anti-Israeli defamation that has defined the United Nations in recent years.”