Wilson: Providing For U.S. Troops Is Top Budget Priority

Mar 15, 2005
Press Release
Congressman Joe Wilson made the following statement on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives: “Mr. Speaker, under the leadership of President George W. Bush, the men and women of our armed forces are winning the War on Terrorism. By dedicating their lives to fighting for the American people and stabilizing emerging democracies, our soldiers are protecting our country and defeating the goals of the terrorists. I am grateful for their service,” said Congressman Wilson. “The President has submitted a supplemental budget request that will dramatically increase funding for body armor, hardened vehicles and technology to protect our troops in the field. The supplemental also increases the maximum service member Group Life Insurance benefits and the one time death gratuity for combat fatalities. I strongly support the President’s request. “Providing for our troops is the most important budget priority. Congress must deliver the necessary equipment and funding to our troops to ensure that they remain safe and successful in their mission. “Our family appreciates the mission in Iraq, as our son Captain Alan Wilson recently served there in the Army National Guard. “In conclusion, may God bless our troops and we will never forget September 11th.” ###