Wilson Questions Secretary Kerry About Iranian Foreign Policy

Dec 10, 2013
Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement after the House Foreign Affairs Committee concluded a hearing at which Secretary of State John Kerry testified about the interim agreement the United States recently finalized with Iran regarding its nuclear program. 

“Allowing Iran to continue enrichment and thus develop a nuclear weapon threatens the safety of the United States, our Allies, and stability across the Middle East.  The Iranian government has consistently ignored United States and international pressure to discontinue its nuclear capabilities and production for decades. The Administration’s decision to make an initial nuclear deal with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, one that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vocalized strong opposition towards, suggests that President Obama is turning a deaf ear to our Greatest Ally in the Middle East.

“Further action must be taken to ensure Iran ceases its nuclear activities that pose international security risks. The United States must stand firm by working with our Allies in the region to ensure that Iran halts nuclear production. I urge Secretary John Kerry to reconsider a new path forward because ignoring years of successful foreign policy norms have created international friction and placed the United States and Israel’s security at risk,” Congressman Joe Wilson said.