Wilson Recognizes FN Manufacturing as a National Asset

Apr 9, 2002
Press Release
Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC, today on the House Floor gave special recognition to FN Manufacturing. Located in Columbia, FN Manufacturing is a precision machining manufacturer specializing in the production of small caliber weapons and machine guns. “Operation Anaconda has been successfully concluded. And while we are thankful for the courage and valor of our military in the field, we also owe thanks to those Americans who provide the weapons our troops need, which made this victory – and future victories – possible,” said Rep. Wilson. “Last week I toured such a national asset in the Second Congressional District of South Carolina, FN Manufacturing of Columbia. This company makes over 75 percent of the machine guns, rifles, and other small arms of the U.S. Armed Forces. “These are the finest infantry weapons ever made -- rugged, dependable, and effective. 500 professional South Carolinians – skilled machinists, fabricators, designers, and engineers – are dedicated to maintaining their world famous high quality. I met in-person the hardworking FN employees who are making a difference for peace through strength. “America is fortunate to have a proven supplier whose products are clearly needed and highly praised by those in harm’s way, as we proceed to victory in the War on Terrorism,” said Rep. Wilson. ###