Wilson: Same Failed Approaches Will Lead to Same Failed Results

Sep 8, 2011
Press Release

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) released the following statement after President Obama’s addressed a joint session of Congress this evening regarding the Administration’s jobs program: 

“The past months have brought difficult times for American families: a downgrading of the country’s credit rating, an extremely volatile stock market, sinking consumer confidence in the economy, and dismal jobs reports. With more than 1.7 million jobs lost since the Administration’s last failed stimulus in February of 2009, I find it disappointing the President has waited this long to introduce a jobs program. 

“Unemployment remains at 9.1% with a net gain of zero jobs last month. Tonight, President Obama stated he wants to use another $447 billion taxpayer funded stimulus to launch his jobs program. The Administration’s last stimulus plan added $814 billion to our national debt. More importantly, it failed to accomplish its goal. The unemployment rate ballooned past the 8% mark the Administration promised the stimulus was designed to prevent. Employing this same failed approach will not only add to our nation’s debt but will also fail to provide a long term solution to America’s high unemployment rate.

“By passing numerous job promoting bills designed to encourage small businesses to hire and help with job creation, House Republicans have shown their commitment to jump starting the nation’s economy this Congress. Now is the time for Senate Democrats and the President to really help families who want jobs. Let us work together to adopt real reforms that will have an immediate impact on job creation.”