Wilson Votes to Provide Protection and Funding for Troops

May 5, 2005
Press Release
Supplemental Includes Legislation Wilson Supported to Increase Death Benefit Gratuity
Today, Congressman Joe Wilson voted to support the Emergency Supplemental Wartime Appropriations Act Conference Report (H.R. 1268). The bill was passed by a bipartisan vote of 368 to 58, and contains $82 billion in defense-related spending with primary focus on support for the global War on Terror. More than $54 billion from this total supports military personnel and the operation and maintenance of their equipment. After the passage of this legislation, Congressman Wilson made the following statement: “As our troops continue to risk their lives to defend our country, Congress has a responsibility to ensure that these brave men and women have the necessary training and equipment to win the War on Terror,” said Wilson. “Today’s supplemental request will help save soldiers’ lives, and I was proud to vote for this critical legislation.” Additionally, H.R. 1268 includes a provision Wilson supported to increase the military death gratuity benefit. In February 2005, Wilson cosponsored the “Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers and Families Act of 2005,” (H.R. 447), to increase from $12,000 to $100,000 the death gratuity payable to the survivors of members of the Armed Forces who died while on active duty or inactive duty training. “I’m especially pleased that the death gratuity benefit was increased in this bill,” said Wilson. “Although we can never fully compensate for the sacrifices of our soldiers, increasing the death benefit will help our grateful nation express our appreciation to military families.” ###