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Headlines in recent weeks have unveiled the corruption behind the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our brave men and women who proudly served our country to protect our way of life deserve much better.  Waiting lists, delay of services, and possible deaths are inexcusable. Many of the problems that plague the VA medical system are systemic and not isolated to individual medical centers.  Strong leadership and oversight is required to change the system to ensure these abuses can no longer be perpetrated.  We must also hold top leadership accountable and remind every VA employee that there will be consequences for failing our veterans.

I have received complaints from many veterans living in South Carolina’s Second Congressional District who have faced difficulties at the Williams Jennings Dorn VA Medical in Columbia, South Carolina, and Charlie Norwood VA Medical in Augusta, Georgia.  I have closely monitored the performance at both of these facilities by visiting each site and meeting with local medical administrators.  Despite the issues that have been identified, I never lost faith in the ability of either medical center’s staff to address our concerns or to correct existing problems.

As the VA facilities implement improvements to their system, I want to be sure that our veterans are truly receiving adequate care.  To accomplish this, I want to hear from you.  Your input, whether a healthcare professional or patient, into how you or someone you know has been impacted by the VA’s mismanagement will help determine and correct problems within the system.

Tell your story so we can restore accountability with our nation’s heroes and make sure our veterans receive the care they earned and deserve.

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