ICYMI - Rep. Wilson Discusses North Korean Threat with Hudson Institute

Mar 21, 2017
Press Release

On Monday, March 20, Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) joined Rebeccah Heinrichs, and Arthur Herman, fellows at the Hudson Institute, for a discussion on the growing threat North Korea poses to the United States and our allies.

The panel discussed the growing threat of North Korea’s medium to long range missiles, capabilities of conventional weapons, and their rapidly progressing nuclear program. They also outlined the importance of missile defense to deter North Korea, specifically the THAAD missile defense system and the Boost-Phase Interceptor system.

Congressman Wilson is the sponsor of H.Res 92 – a resolution condemning North Korea’s recent missile tests and calling for the application of all available sanctions. His bipartisan legislation currently has 114 co-sponsors.

Key Quotes from the Panel Discussion:

Congressman Joe Wilson:

“Strategic patience, benign neglect—it only encouraged the dictatorship to proceed with missile development.”

“In February of last year, North Korea actually successfully launched a satellite—a crucial part of developing ICBMs…a clear and present danger that must be addressed.”

“Peace through strength—that’s how you win… Strategic patience led to the extraordinary level of instability we have today.”

Hudson Senior Fellow Arthur Herman:

“North Korea’s missile program, combined with its nuclear weapons program, poses an increasingly urgent threat, not just to the United States, but to peace in Asia…”

“I think with North Korea, we face what is perhaps the number one national security priority for this new administration.”

Hudson Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs:

“[North Korea] is persistent, and they are determined to threaten the United States with a nuclear weapon.”

“Ground-based Missile Defense system is able to handle the current North Korea threat.”

Watch the full event here.

On Tuesday, Rep. Joe Wilson also gave a speech on the House Floor recognizing the timeliness of the panel discussion and thanking the Hudson Institute for hosting it. You can watch the remarks here.