Dec 11, 2020
Press Release

On December 10, Congressman Joe Wilson introduced H.R. 8931, the Stop the Killing in Syria Act which would enact the toughest sanctions ever proposed on the Assad regime in Syria, make it U.S. policy to support a free and democratic Syria, require a strategy to support a democratic Syria and prohibit any future President from recognizing the Assad regime or recognizing Assad as the President of Syria. The policies in the bill were mostly first recommended as part of the Republican Study Committee National Security Strategy led by Chairman Joe Wilson which was released in June. The bill is part of a larger push by the Republican Study Committee to introduce conservative foreign policy legislation standing for American leadership around the world.

“I appreciate President Donald Trump’s leadership in holding Bashar Al-Assad accountable for his crimes. From the coalition-led missile strikes on Assad after his use of chemical weapons, his enforcement of the Caesar Act, and his maximum pressure campaign on Iran, which has led to a significant withdrawal of Iranian forces,” said Congressman Wilson. “Yet Congress must do more to stop Assad’s killing of Syrian people and the entities which fund it. As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee National Security Taskforce, I am grateful to introduce the Stop the Killing in Syria Act on behalf of the House Republican Study Committee, which implements important recommendations of intensified sanctions from our June National Security Strategy Report and addresses human rights atrocities committed by the Assad regime.”

A short summary of the bill is available here.